Golden Red

Golden Red is a research project on the use of art as an instrument for social transformation and concerns COMPASSION. It is the collective creation of a work of art, a structure netlike of 11 x 3 x 3 meters, which has involved the participation of 1926 people from 32 countries.


The idea is to boost a concept in disuse, COMPASSION, through meditation and action, and thus contribute to the improvement of the society in which we live. 
Likewise, the collective participation in Golden Red aims to help the development of individual creativity of the participants. This development will provide them with tools to cope with their daily life in a more creative way and perhaps will promote that they can find original solutions to problems where previously their stereotyped view would not let them see a way out.


Golden Red is a tangible and emotional network built collectively by the individual contributions of circles and ovals of different sizes and colors, plastified and banned together by rings. Each figure has been produced by a different person and represents their commitment to this network of collective COMPASSION. 
Pero Golden Red is not just a symbolic network, it is also a network of actions and real support to everyone who is commiserated.

“If we knew the last reason of things, we would even have compassion of the stars. ”
Graham Greene

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