Alejandra Corral de la Serna , Kuska

Kuska was born in Madrid in 1971. She grew up in the United States and studied law in Paris. For a while she paints simultaneously to the practice as a lawyer, both in France and in Spain. In 2003 she quits this activity to devote exclusively to art. Initially as a painter, she then dedicates herself to artist's books and textiles, through the elaboration of tapestries. Since 2013, she has combined this work with the creation of Community Art projects such as Black Tears Project, against human trafficking.

Kuska's work is characterized by the constant search for new media, the investigation of traditional craft techniques, the strength of color and the rawness of its message.


2016 - Certificate in Social Sector Leadership, Philanthropy University, Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley

1998 - D.E.S.S. (Specialized Graduate Diploma) in Business Law, Université de Paris V, René Descartes (Paris)

- D.E.A. (Diploma of Advanced Studies) in Comparative Law, Université de Paris II, Panthéon-Assas (Paris)

1997 - Bachelor of Law, Specialty Trade Law, Université de Paris V, René Descartes (Paris)


2020 - Lágrimas Negras, National Museum of Arts & Crafts, Ministry of Culture and Sport (Madrid)

2018 - Carpe Diem, Pons Foundation (Madrid)

2015 - Lágrimas Negras, Tabacalera Promoción del Arte, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (Madrid)

2012 - Love for Money, Ateneo de Madrid (Madrid)

2011 - Tale without moral, Exit Art Gallery, Fundación Adolfo Dominguez (Madrid), Curator Jose María Parreño.

- Galerie Arielle d'Hauterives (Brussels)

2009 - Take your time, Estandarte Art Gallery (Madrid)

2008 - A day with Ada & the dragons, Garajarte Art Gallery (La Granja de San Ildefonso, Segovia)

2007 - Wonderland II, María Prego’s Contemporany Art Gallery (Vigo)

- Once upon a time…, Estandarte Art Gallery (Madrid)

2006 - Encounters, Dart Barcelona Art Gallery (Barcelona)

2004 - Mad Rain Alejara, Teatro Alcázar’s Art Gallery, Biondetta (Madrid)


2019 - Don Antonio, The lives of Machado, La Cárcel Galerías, Segovia Centro de Creación (Segovia)

2016 - Creative Climate Awards (New York)

2015 - Factoría Cultural, Matadero Madrid (Madrid)

- The time of songs, My Name is Lolita Art (Madrid), Curator Dis Berlin.

- Feria Art Madrid '15 Cibeles, Marc Decoene Art Gallery (Madrid)

2014 - Light, art & living, Heinzel Galery (Germany)

- Young Spanish Art, Marc Decoene Art Gallery (Germany)

- 1st Group Show Procesos FACTORÍA, Matadero Madrid (Madrid)

- Commissioned landscape, My Name is Lolita Art (Madrid)

- Art Madrid ’14 Cibeles Fair, Marc Decoene Art Gallery (Madrid)

2013 - Art on Paper (Brussels)

- The Orensanz Foundation for Contemporary Art (New York)

2012 - ArtBarcs (Chicago)

- Art Takes Miami: 1,001 Artists Project, Scope Miami Art Show (Miami)

- Embarcarte Art Gallery, Museum of Centro del Carmen de Valencia (Valencia)

- Art on paper (Brussels)

- Microart. Size does matter., Galería Liebre (Madrid)

2009 - CowParade Madrid 2008 (Madrid)

- Scope Basel Art Show (Basilea, Switzerland)

2008 - Affordable Art Fair (London)

- Estandarte Art Gallery (Madrid)

2007 - Valencia Art Fair (Valencia)

2005 - Dart Barcelona Art Gallery (Barcelona)


2016 - Creative Climate Awards (The Human Impacts Institute)

2012 - Art Takes Miami: 1,001 Artists Project (Artists Wanted, Scope Miami Art Show)

2007 - XVII Gregorio Prieto’s Drawing Award (Obra Social Caja Madrid)